Write a synonym of the word conviction

The Sun None of the warning notices has resulted in a criminal conviction. Goods are sold on credit; we give one credit for good intentions.

Read moreā€¦ He is to appeal against his conviction. Reliance is confidence on which we act or are ready to act unquestioningly; we have a calm reliance upon the uniformity of nature.

Times, Sunday Times And he is firm in the conviction that he himself is the best trainer. Well, Ned, I repeat it with a conviction resting on the logic of facts. The Sun We confirm he will appeal against the conviction. The Sun The committee heard that evidence he passed on to police had secured three convictions.

Faith is a union of belief and trust. An opinion is a general conclusion held as probable, tho without full certainty; a persuasion is a more confident opinion, involving the heart as well as the intellect. In religion, a doctrine is a statement of belief regarding a single point; a creed is a summary statement of doctrines.

The Sun Following their conviction for tax crimes the lawyers have been given lengthy custodial sentences but pending the appeal process they are not in jail. But belief in a person is often used with no appreciable difference from faith. Times, Sunday Times He has a conviction of opinion that both gives his humor teeth and keeps it from drawing too much blood.

Christianity Today But a failure to make a choice and to argue with clarity and conviction would be a dereliction of duty. Times, Sunday Times You need integritybelief and the conviction to take risks.

View in context On these occasions, he would redouble in energy, and declare that black was white, and blue yellow, with much conviction and heat of manner; but in the morning such a licence of debate weighed upon him like a crime, and he would seek out his father, where he walked before breakfast on a terrace overlooking all the vale of Thyme.

Times, Sunday Times There were just two convictions per hundred crimes ten years ago. Times, Sunday Times They have to play with conviction and confidence. Times, Sunday Times Any convictions are likely to result in prison sentences of at least two years.

English Synonyms and Antonyms 0. Times, Sunday Times The past five years have reinforced the belief that politicians have no firm convictions. The distressing explanation she had to make to Harriet, and all that poor Harriet would be suffering, with the awkwardness of future meetings, the difficulties of continuing or discontinuing the acquaintance, of subduing feelings, concealing resentment, and avoiding eclat, were enough to occupy her in most unmirthful reflections some time longer, and she went to bed at last with nothing settled but the conviction of her having blundered most dreadfully.

The Sun It will not chime with his deepest convictions. The Sun Peterborough crown court heard he had previous convictions including driving while using a mobile and speeding.

Confidence is a firm dependence upon a statement as true, or upon a person as worthy. Faith is chiefly personal; belief may be quite impersonal; we speak of belief of a proposition, faith in a promise, because the promise emanates from a person.

Belief is stronger than credence; credence might be described as a prima facie belief; credence is a more formal word than belief, and seems to imply somewhat more of volition; we speak of giving credence to a report, but not of giving belief.

Times, Sunday Times As both had no previous convictions, they did not serve jail time. Times, Sunday Times But although she is slight in appearance, her beliefs and convictions are anything but.

I must admit that he did not believe in the unicorn, and was the only one on board who did not share that universal conviction.


In religion it is common to distinguish between intellectual belief of religious truth, as any other truth might be believed, and belief of the heart, or saving faith. Times, Sunday Times It prompts some of the best acting in a misconceived show that too often lacks conviction and clarity.

Times, Sunday Times He was a man of conviction. Times, Sunday Times Those colleagues for whom this is of primary importance are also acting out of their deepest convictions. We give credence to a report, assent to a proposition or to a proposal.

Times, Sunday Times Belief and conviction brings energy and drive because there is a clear objective set out before the players and they know where they are going. Times, Sunday Times Some individuals we have previously stopped had significant criminal convictions.

Times, Sunday Times We lacked conviction and confidence and a bit of energy. View in context Elton, the caution he had given, the conviction he had professed that Mr.Synonyms of conviction - declaration of guilt, pronouncement of guilt, sentence, judgement.

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Definitions and Synonyms of conviction | Another word for conviction | What is conviction? Definition 1: (criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed - [noun denoting act].

Times, Sunday Times () And he is firm in the conviction that he himself is the best trainer.

Definition of 'conviction'

Times, Sunday Times () They have to play with conviction and confidence. The Sun () It is only because of the bravery of six young women that we got convictions at court.

English Synonyms and Antonyms ( / 0 votes) Rate these synonyms: conviction Belief, as an intellectual process, is the acceptance of some thing as true on other grounds than personal observation and experience.

Conviction synonyms. Top synonyms for conviction (other words for conviction) are confidence, certitude and reliance.

Write a synonym of the word conviction
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