We are destroying our planet essay

Bywe had six billion. We emerged as a species aboutyears ago. The Ganges is filled with both human and industrial waste, however many people still use this river for bathing and washing clothes. Global warming and climate change are the major threats to Earth and all human beings.

Johns Hopkins University Center for Water and Health has done a study on just what happens to all the antibacterial chemicals in your antibacterial soaps after they swirl down the drain.

They are the original residents of this Earth. Let us come together to save our life-giving and life-saving Mother Earth. Even tiny trace amounts were enough to feminize the male fishwhich led to a complete crash of the ecosystem.

They then fed the Prozac-laced worms to a group of 24 starlings and recorded their behavior for the next six months. One of the most common items found in autopsies?

That somewhere is sewage sludge, which is then recycled for agricultural use. As food, paper, vegetation and sewage wastes break down in landfills and waste sites, they release carbon dioxide and methane.

Now thousands of species are extinct because their habitat is gone. Use of landfills also has an impact on the release of greenhouse gases into the environment. The problem has gotten so bad that China is now imposing restrictions on the production of chopsticks, limiting quantities companies can produce and increasing the taxes imposed on purchases.

Extra waste products end up sinking to the bottom where they react with the medicines and other nutrients used to keep the fish healthy along with antifoulant agents used to keep nets clean.

Technically, landowners need to be compensated, but that process can take years. So the only wise thing to do is to save wildlife and its habitat. Slums Of India A slum is characterized as a heavily populated urban informal settlement.

Every day, the United States alone uses about million drinking straws. Through massive commercialization, industrialization and construction, we humans have changed the world to fit our needs. Male fish first began producing egg proteins and then producing eggs. Industry and agriculture produce large amounts of greenhouse gases through fertilizers, mining and release from factories.

The photographer had said that the trash showed up out of nowhere, consisting of tree trunks the size of cars, food wrappers and bottles.

In particular, it has affected water resources. Instead, it makes other chemicals that can include chloroform. The cause has been traced back to the release of improperly treated wastewater that contains hormones from hormone therapy drugs and birth control pills.

Pollution is on high alert Truly Global Destruction All these environmental changes are warnings of global destruction. Cities have changed into heat islands, changing the weather patterns around them.

Transform Cities to Eco-Cities The world of today belongs to humans. Use a bicycle as much as possible. Man has been using and misusing natural resources up to the limit.Free Essays on How We Are Destroying Our Planet.

Get help with your writing. 1 through Jun 30,  · It’s no secret that our planet is in a pretty dire condition. Extinction rates have been estimated to be about 1, times higher than they should be, and that’s all due to human influence—and interference. With around 20, species at risk for extinction and countless others that we haven.

How Humans are Destroying Nature.

How Humans are Destroying Nature

BY SOFO ARCHON. The way humans are living is tremendously destructive towards nature. The way we find our food, the way we make our clothing, the way we create and use our devices — almost everything that we’re doing is detrimental to the health of the organism called Earth.

We are destroying the land. Essay on Global Warming is Destroying Our Planet. supplies to the gases we use to heat our homes and run our cars. The steady rise in the use of these fossil fuels is having an alarming affect on our climate. More about Essay on Global Warming is. Pollution is Destroying Our Planet Essay; Pollution is Destroying Our Planet Essay.

Words 4 Pages. The Earth is a beautiful place to live in, it’s amazing how many things we take for granted.

How Are We Destroying the Environment?

Essay What We Are Doing to Our Planet Words | 4 Pages. Humans are destroying the environment through ways such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, farming and industry, all of which produce copious amounts of greenhouse gases.

The phenomenon of global warming is argued to be caused by humans due to the many ways humans pollute the environment with.

We are destroying our planet essay
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