The flaws of the french revolution history essay

Bonaparte seized control of the government on November 9,ending the revolution. At first they are moderate in scope, then they become radical to excess and finally they are brought to abrupt conclusions by the emergence of a strong man to restore order.

One of the reasons the revolution originated was the discontent among the lower and middle classes in France. The clergy and nobles did not have to pay most taxes. This also encouraged countries to abandon their social structure and give their people more rights.

Louis Capet ascended the throne at age twenty and ruled France for nearly twenty years. The Code was not just instituted in France, but every European nation Napoleon conquered.

The States-General opened on May 5,at Versailles.

He was to return to his country with an Austrian invasion in a last-ditch effort to eventually reclaim the throne. Compounding matters, there was a terrible crop failure indriving the price of bread and other foods sky-high.

Although having some flaws, the French Revolution was highly successful in influencing the growth of democracy. When they were unsatisfied with their king they revolted and got who they wanted on the throne to rule instead, demonstrating one of the major principles of democracy, the right to choose their leader.

Louis was put on trial on December 11, The people captured the Bastille and began to tear it down. This was a desperate man who could not be trusted by his people.

By law, society was divided in to three groups called estates. The National Convention opened on September 21,and declared France a republic. The king was beheaded on the guillotine on January 21, Meanwhile, the masses of France also took action. The first stage had been a liberal middle-class reform movement based on a constitutional monarchy.

When the oppressed slaves in Haiti and Santo Domingue learned of the conditions in France they led their own revolt and slaughtered their masters and families. On July 14,a huge crowd of Parisians rushed to the Bastille.

Thousands of others met the same fate in a period known as the Reign of Terror. By conquering many of the surrounding European nations, Napoleon helped spread his democratic ideas to other countries. Those documents also gave men freedom of religion, made obtaining a position by birthright illegal and prevented secret laws from being published.

The king was not an evil ruler, or even an evil man, but he was an incompetent ruler. The Positive Effects of the French Revolution Freedom of speech and press, equality before the law, right to property and security, and the separation of Church and State.

With many anti-revolutionaries around to criticize and hinder the revolution, it might not have been successful and never have planted the seed of democracy in the hearts of Frenchmen.

The Positive Effects of the French Revolution

It was the cause of the creation of multiple documents stating that all men are equal, one of the basic principals of democracy. You can find top custom writing companies listed rightside at our blogroll side-bar.Essay Causes of the French Revolution - The start of the French Revolution was due to a build-up of inequalities, bankruptcy, and the influence of The Enlightenment and the American Revolution.

The First and Second Estates, which was made up of the rich nobles, did not have to pay taxes, and had special privileges.

French Revolution Essay

The French Revolution is a big and memorable part of history; yet curiosity of the human mind grabs the attention of it evolving in our world history. One of the most important causes of the French Revolution was the Enlightenment ideas and the American Revolution.

Essay: French Revolution

French Revolution Essay The trial and execution of King Louis XVI, or “Louis the Last,” was a major event in the French Revolution. Louis’ monarchy was ended by the revolution on August 10, when the people stormed the royal palace of the Tuileries after he broke his promises to abide by the new constitution.

The French Revolution was a period of significant social and political changes in French history which had major impact on the political, social and cultural developments not only in France and Western Europe/5(7). The French Revolution Essay Examples. total results. An Analysis of the Goals of the French Revolution Produced by the Enlightenment.

words. An Introduction to the History of the French Revolution. 1, words. 3 pages. The Rise of Napoleon's Power During the French Revolution. 1, words. 3 pages. The revolution ended when Napoleon Bonaparte, a French general, took over the government.

At the beginning of the revolution, events seemed minor and proceeded in a logical fashion. One of the reasons the revolution originated was the discontent among the lower and middle classes in France.

The flaws of the french revolution history essay
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