Reports on fed ex operations

This message means there are more than accounts in the accounts list. ShowStandard Reports What is a standard report? The account administrator has two additional options under the Administration tab — Users and Change Administrator.

What is an invited user? How quickly does my shipment data become available in FedEx Reporting Online reports? FedEx Reporting Online provides administrative functionality that allows the administrator to invite other users to share accounts.

ShowAdding accounts and account groups Can I create groups of accounts to use in my reports? Contact your sales professional and ask for national account access permission which can only be granted by the sales professional.

All customers who have an active U. ShowData availability How many months of reporting data can I request?

To view additional accounts, use the search feature below the list to filter the view and see additional accounts. Who do I contact if I have questions about invoice or billing-related the data in my reports? These reports are intended to help you manage your business or shipments more effectively.

You can add accounts to your profile as long as you can authenticate yourself as the administrator for those accounts.

FedEx Reporting Online reports include all U. How do I check the status of my report requests? Alternatively, you can also be invited to access accounts as an invited user. When you take this action, you will no longer have any administrative control for reporting purposes on the accounts to which you have reassigned administrator rights.

Once your report is ready for download, the Report Status page will display a status of Complete. Only users you have invited to share your account s can view reports on your shipments.

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The administrator is the only person who can invite other employees to share accounts for reporting purposes. FedEx Reporting Online has six standard open-access reports available to any registered user.

To contact FedEx Technical Support call: A description of the report detail is available on the Description of Standard Report Types page in this document index. What is a scheduled report?

Other operating company shipments may be available in the future.The FedEx Service Guide is your resource for FedEx service information and shipping basics.

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FedEx Annual Report substantially lower our cost to serve our European markets by increasing density in our pickup and delivery operations and accelerate our global growth. Learn more.

Did You Know? 10 Things About the 2017 FedEx Annual Report

Company Overview. Overview of Company. Revenue. FedEx has grown tremendously since its first night of operations in Now FedEx serves more than countries and territories and continues to offer new products and services around the globe. Latest Annual Report.

FedEx Access. Date Download. June 1. FedEx ® Reporting Online (FRO) is a Web-based application that enables you to request, view and download reports concerning the business activity you have with FedEx.

In FedEx Reporting Online, you can check status of current report requests, schedule weekly and monthly reports and invite other. The main challenge on operations is from the market competitors. UPS is the market leader for residential delivery service. Unlike FedEx, UPS outsourced their information systems development by forming strategic alliances with Open Market, Inc., IBM and Lotus (UPS, ).

Strategic Report for FedEx Corporation Mitch Amsler Jed Cullen JC Erdmenger April 14, FedEx Corporation operations in Italy, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, focusing instead on shipping freight to and.

From within the Global Operations Control Center (GOCC) in Memphis, they work directly with administrators, dispatchers and senior staff as they watch monitors, review reports and prepare forecasts. Their challenge is to assist FedEx Express aircraft and vehicles in avoiding potential disruptions so deliveries stay on schedule whenever possible.

Reports on fed ex operations
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