Psychological aspects of diabetes essay

Henry had seen medication as an escape from the rigors of self-care rather than part of a progressive and predictable regimen.

Illness perception Illness perceptions involve beliefs, cognitive and emotional representations or understandings that patients have about their illness[ 93 ].

Family life and diabetic control. The pancreas may either be producing small amounts of the insulin or it may not be producing insulin at all Szydlo et al.

This is false since it is the total amount of carbohydrate in meals or snacks that is eaten that raises blood sugar levels, not the specific type of carbohydrate.

After all, type 2 diabetes is a public health threat of major and growing proportions, and controlling it is central to preventing a cascade of other medical problems in the present and even the next generation.

Exercise lowers the blood glucose level by increasing the uptake of glucose by the body muscles and by improving insulin utilization. Unlike Type I diabetes, this type of diabetes can be managed through drugs and diets but it comes with complications similar to those of type I diabetes.

Psychological Aspects of Diabetes Essay Sample

For example, from a male perspective, there is often a need to block out vulnerability and loss of control,13 leading to heightened denial. The information he received at this appointment allowed him to make a connection between his poorly controlled diabetes and what he now understood as his compromised physical and mental health.

American Diabetes Association Essay Sample

We hope these instruments can be used in much the same way as HbA1c, foot exams, blood pressure measurements, and other medical outcomes. Bridging emotion theory and neurobiology through dynamic systems modeling.

However, this defiance can place adolescents at risk for poorer metabolic control even to the point of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Situation Your patient persists in avoiding insulin despite your best efforts to convince him that it is needed. Understanding and treating patients with diabetes burnout. Peer influences in pediatric chronic illness: The key principle of differential emotions theory states that emotions play Psychological aspects of diabetes essay role in consciousness and awareness, having dynamic neurobiological and neuropsychological activities that lead to continuous emotions-cognitions interaction in influencing adaptive thoughts and actions as manifested in decision making and behavior[ 40 ].

His weight had increased by 10 lb, his HbA1c had jumped to These perceptions have been found to be associated with health behaviors and clinical outcomes, such as treatment adherence and functional recovery[ 94 ]. However, research has shown that the initial shock from diagnose can be averted if the individual is given full explanations on the disease, the nature of onset, associated complications, and management Hanas, In many cases, diabetes is diagnosed as secondary to another illness which means most individuals are not prepared about their having the condition.

Intensive diabetes management plus coping skills training improved metabolic control and quality of life in adolescents. When asked about this incongruity, he remembered that his doctor, perhaps to help him cope with this diagnosis, told him that because onset of the illness was late in life he would "probably die from something else.

This internal reserve depends largely on the personal value and belief system that could result from the past experience emotional learningeducated cognition knowledge or relationship with a supreme being s [ 558788 ].

We can best manage stresses through self-awareness, learning new ways to think, react, and plan ahead. High blood sugar comes with a number of complications in the body including high blood pressure, dizziness, insensitivity, and many others. Mental stress induces transient endothelial dysfunction in humans.

To him, as with many patients with a similar narcissistic personality style, it is demeaning to be the same as others. More essays like this: Psychologists with expertise in reinforcement strategies, learning principles, and behavior modification are highly desirable given the usefulness of these skills for developing health behaviors.

Self-care behavior change must be sustained over time to translate into improved blood glucose control and a reduction or slowing down of diabetes complications progression From the discussion above, it is possible that emotional disorders can affects HbA1c in a bidirectional pattern[ ]; from distress or depression to DM via life-style factors and due to therapeutic demands in the reverse direction[ ].

Cognitive Functioning The patient with type 2 diabetes must adjust to a demanding treatment regimen and the eventual onset of diabetes-related complications 24 - Would you not want to delay facing those feelings if you thought you could get away with it?

Even when this information is taken in, people usually do not change lifestyle behaviors quickly or in a neat and linear fashion.

Although it may take more than a year for the psychological equilibrium to be established again, the first information that individual gets regarding the condition is quite important in determining the psychological effects of the disease. Self-regulation Self-regulation has its major explanatory mechanism in social cognitive theory[ 66 ].

Diagnosis and management of type 1 diabetes in children, young people and adults http: More work for the same feedback? The long-term relationship of patients with their diabetes and with their providers requires patience and compromise through the life span.

In the end, Peter was annoyed over the fuss. Metab Syndr Relat Disord. Psychological Insulin Resistance Psychological insulin resistance PIRa term coined to identify the avoidance of insulin by providers and patients, is an often-missed diagnosis. Adolescent diabetes management and mismanagement.

Having patients acquire valued personal beliefs and achievable standards of performance could strengthen self-regulation and self-efficacy leading to more positive experience and healthy behaviors.Therefore, the main aim of this essay is to analyse the importance of the psychological contract in many aspects and support more evidences and experiences to support employers’ view in managing people.

American Diabetes Association Essay Sample. Psychological Aspects of Diabetes. Introduction Diabetes mellitus is one of the leading killer diseases in the world. Diabetes has been associated with the changing lifestyle especially increased consumption of fast foods. The increased rate of obesity in the world has lead to increase in the.

The Psychologist in Diabetes Care. The bulk of the psychological services in diabetes care are provided to patients who do not have diagnosable psychological problems. affects approximately one of every five patients with diabetes and severely impairs quality of life and all aspects of functioning.

17 It has added importance in diabetes. The Psychological and Social Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Psychosocial Issues and Type 2 Diabetes.

Psychological aspects of diabetes care: Effecting behavioral change in patients

INTRODUCTION. The Psychological and Social Impact. Diabetes-Related Emotional Distress.

The Psychological and Social Impact of Type 2 Diabetes

Stress and Blood Glucose Control. Major Depression most clinical interviews in diabetes practice focus largely on medical or educational aspects of type. Diabetes Through the Life Span: Psychological Ramifications for Patients and Professionals emotional, and spiritual aspects that demand attention.

are higher among people with diabetes and among obese people seeking treatment compared to those without diabetes. Addressing psychological issues is a key to alleviating the. Mar 02,  · Few aspects of the psychological domain of a diabetic have been studied. though through semi structured interviews that friends and peers are an important source of emotional support for adolescents with diabetes,24 and this support is associated with adherence,25 and metabolic control,26 and may also be associated .

Psychological aspects of diabetes essay
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