Optimization of benchmark functions using vts abc algorithm

This will bring about a problem that an individual may have discovered a good dimension, but the fitness of the individual is computed by using -dimensional vector, hence we know it is very probable that the individual is not the best solution in the end, and the good dimension which the individual has found will be abandoned.

The goal of data clustering is to make the data in the same cluster share a high degree of similarity while being very dissimilar to data from other clusters. The current best fitness evaluation of all the ladybirds in the population was compared with the fitness value of their previous best position.

All the ideas are inspired by recent discoveries on the foraging behavior of a seven-spot ladybird which are quite different from other metaheuristic algorithms. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The overall crowding distance value is calculated as the sum of individual distance values corresponding to each objective. Several simulation experiments are conducted in Section 4 and a comparative study on DOGWO and other optimization algorithms with various benchmarks is also presented.

For visualization purposes, we will be using only two dimensions of this dataset. Several authors suggested that beetles decide to leave when the capture rate falls below a critical value or when the time since the last aphid was captured exceeds a certain threshold [ 36 — 38 ].

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There are a ton of applications of those algorithms like image segmentation, training of artificial neural networks, digital image processing and pattern recognition, protein structure predictions and much more. The details are available at: Finally, conclusions are given in Section 7. From equations above, we can see that the velocity updating rule is composed of three parts.

The th dimensional space is divided into subspaces, and the whole dimensional space is divided into subspaces patches.

All the accepted function values at the end of the teacher phase are maintained and these values become the input to the learner phase. Clustering algorithms can be simply classified as hierarchical clustering and partitional clustering [ 15 ].

In Section 2 we will introduce the original ABC algorithm. The union of all k subsets is equal to S. We select nondominated solutions from the archive and keep them in the archive.

The boundaries of our search space are easy, we can normalize our entire dataset with the [0, 1] interval, and define our objective function as having the boundaries from 0 to 1.

A modified Artificial Bee Colony algorithm to solve Clustering problems

And each of the other dimensions of the individual learns from the other nondominated solutions. Modifying the Artificial Bee Colony for Clustering Well, now that we know what is the clustering problem, how can we modify the original ABC algorithm to perform such task?

The algorithm simulates the intelligent foraging behavior of honey bee swarms. Among meta-heuristics, hybrid meta-heuristics combining exact and heuristic approaches have been successfully developed and applied to many optimization problems such as C.

Since it is difficult to converge to the global optimum, the variables are strongly dependent, and the gradients generally do not point towards the optimum, this problem is repeatedly used to test the performance of the optimization algorithms.

In addition, a new evolution-based polar bear optimization algorithm PBO [ 13 ] has been proposed which imitates the survival and hunting behaviors of polar bears and presents a novel birth and death mechanism to control the population. Initialization range for the function is.

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As we saw on the previous article, a well defined optimization problem needs a search space, a set o d-dimensional input decision variables and an objective function.

Experimental results show that the proposed DOGWO algorithm could provide very competitive results compared with other analyzed algorithms, with a faster convergence speed, higher calculation precision, and stronger stability.

Onlooker bees are those bees that are waiting on the dance area in the hive for the information to be shared by the employed bees about their food sources, and then make decision to choose a food source.

In the ABC algorithm, nectar amount is the value of benchmark function. Consider The second function is the Rastrigin function whose value is 0 at its global minimum 8. Initialization range for the function is.is tested using 50 large benchmark functions with fft characteristics, and the results are compared with those obtained from the GA, PSO, DE, and ABC.

According to the test results, the proposed algorithm. The ABC optimization algorithm, working principle, stages, flow chart and its application areas are presented.

The Advantages and disadvantages are also mentioned. This report shows importance of using ABC as its having wide number of advantages with applications. Finally, with regard to composition functions F23–F30, TLABC shows the best performance on most of functions.

It also outperforms the ABC algorithms on most of functions. In summary, TLABC shows the best overall performance on the unimodal functions, hybrid functions, and composition functions. bee colony (ABC) optimization algorithm introduced by D. Karaboga [7] is a new entry in class of swarm intelligence.

This algorithm is inspired by the social behavior of honey bees when searching for quality food source. Similar to any other population based optimization algorithm, ABC consists of a population of inherent solutions. Global optimization of some difficult benchmark functions by cuckoo-host co-evolution meta-heuristics Mishra, SK (): Global optimization of some difficult benchmark functions by.

A new variant based on tournament selection called VTS-ABC algorithm is provided in this paper. Its performance is compared with standard ABC algorithm with different size of data on several Benchmark functions and results show that VTS-ABC provides better quality of solution than original ABC.

Optimization of benchmark functions using vts abc algorithm
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