Katrina the eye opener

Last year, the festival brought together filmmakers and producers from around the world to present their films and speak at the awards gala. Katrina the eye opener who will miss the class due to evacuation or for water in their area, are able to make up on later dates.

A Cornell University graduate in mechanical engineering and masters of science in aerospace engineering and bio-astronautics from Colorado, Juniper currently works for NASA as an aerospace engineer by day and a professional fire-dancer at two Houston fire troupes by night.

Out of several experienced actors who auditioned for the part, Romario, who had never acted before, was chosen to carry the film alongside a big star Mahie Gill and be part of location shoots that sprawled across Texas. Thada had started her acting career at Next Actor Studio and soon moved on to screenwriting and directed her first short "An Academic Affair" which went on to screen at many film festivals.

Lopez plays the role of Stella, a loud, alcholic aunt of Chloe, played by alum Alexandra Goel. Submission is live on filmfreeway and withoutabox, as well as Niff online at www.

Next Actor Students worked behind the scene to make this festival one to look forward to. Eric wrapped his shoot in April and we hope to see him again at the premiere.

While editing, the producers decided to make a series out of the film and the role of David was extended and Romario proved his dedication and commitment to the project by giving another good performance.

We all at the studio wish her luck and hope to see her get her break very soon. We are very proud of Andrea who is a force to watch.

If you missed the movie at the theatres, you can now catch it on DVD and support this very young and talented actor. Click here for a preview and stay tuned for the entire interview to air soon.

Stay tuned for festival schedule and news. Editing classes have been pushed back to October.

We will continue to update our changes via twitter handle nextactorstudio. The film is about a socialite whose life is altered after an accident. Josh is currently studying pre-med at Rice, following the footsteps of his medical parents, but his heart is in acting.

Prior to shooting, the popular NBA star used the twitter as his character Robert, which confused many of his followers who could not understand that it was not Rick, but Robert tweeting. According to her grandmother, former ABC 13 journalist and producer Ms.

Please check our calendar page for the revised start dates of Sept. Below, you can watch her speak at the U. Principal photography begins in December. Rick started building layers for his character from the time he got the script in his hand, using Stanislavski technique. Currently Romario is finishing Orphan Train and also writing a script with his classmate Erik Foster to shoot sometime in For info on tickets and the film, visit www.

Lopez is not only a revered actress and former writing and producing partner of Ben Affleck, she is also a documentary filmmaker and an activist, who has been a speaker at the United Nations.

Check her out 5 - 8 AM while she works in the studio alongside Maggie Flecknoe. Follow this news on our facebook and Instagram page. Follow the news on our facebook and Instagram page.

A post shared by Next Actor Studio nextactorstudio on Aug 24, at Click here to see his reaction right after he talks about his role, acting style, preparation method for staying busy in Hollywood. Screening will be followed by Q and A.SinceNext Actor Films have been providing opportunity to Next Actor Alum to build their resume in a trusted environment and receive hands-on training from working directly on set with professional actors and filmmakers.

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From a relatively normal American life to a survival situation in moments, this story follows the Drummond family as they learn to adapt to a now.

Katrina the eye opener
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