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As the medical community is adapting to this procedure, some questions remains unanswered. Therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest- Not so fast. Eligibility is based upon criteria set by The Hypothermia…… [Read More] As this study has noted the pre-resuscitation period as well as the post-resuscitation period are both related to lipid peroxidation of membrane, DNA fragmentation prior to accelerated programmed cell death "apoptosis.

Therapeutic hypothermia is stated to result in a gain of 0. Although studies have shown the positive results of therapeutic hypothermia, more research has to be done to reach to a conclusion. More essays like this: The alternative treatment involves intravenous introduction of ice-cold fluid to the patient using automated cooling equipment Bernard, The actual topic of discussion i.

The two methods of administering hypothermia, cooled surface and injection of cold saline, though safe can be harmful especially the induction through cooled surface as it does not give a uniform decrease in body temperature.

The induction of hypothermia in cardiac arrest is an excellent example of this trend.

Role of Induced Hypothermia in cardiac arrest Essay Sample

Post-resuscitative mortality rate is still higher. Induced hypothermia also affects the T-cells even if a cautionary approach is applied. The immediate response to cardiac arrest is the quick resuscitation that often results in a failure.

It is hoped that the paper will be beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals in better understanding of the topic. In addition, a cardiac patient treated with hypothermia may suffer from infection because the immune system is also inhibited by prolonged cold temperatures.

While this condition is manageable under tertiary care atmosphere, unassisted or poorly administered hypothermia will further aggravate the situation.

The article does not give any insight on administration of hypothermia in patients that suffered cardiac arrest after an accident. Specific risks have already been identified to be associated with hypothermia treatment of cardiac arrest patients http: Another complication is the speed of re-warming and temperature.

Hypothermia benefits include neuroprotective protection. The series of steps related to ischemia and reperfusion are temperature dependent.

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As the blood circulation stops, the cell death becomes imminent. The arguments, whatsoever maybe their logic, are presented in Hypothermia essay organized fashion. Cardiac arrest, with its low survival rates, has always remained a mystery for the medical community.Free Essay: Theraputic Hypothermia Hypothermia, defined as a core body temperature less than 95 °F(35°C) occurs when heat loss exceeds the body’s heat.

Essay on Hypothermia Therapy for Myocardial Infarction - Myocardial infarction (MI) which leads to cardiac arrest cause a global cerebral ischemia that results in low survival rate and poor neurological outcomes in patients resuscitate in the emergency room.

The definition of out-of –the- hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is the cessation of. Free Essay: Background Hypothermia (hi-po-THUR-me-uh) is a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a. Hypothermia involves subjecting the body of an individual in a temperature that is below the normal physiologic temperature.

The effect of hypothermia in protecting the brain from severe and irreversible damage during the non-oxygenated state of cardiac arrest is currently being evaluated, after successful results in dog models. Role of Induced Hypothermia in cardiac arrest Essay Sample. Summary As the medical science is exploring new frontiers, doctors and researchers are trying to integrate therapeutic methods in a total new dimension.

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Hypothermia essay
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