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Therefore, military strategies pose a critical level of ramifications and should only be applied as the last resort.

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The Iranian reception of the measures taken by the United States and Europe thus far to preclude the possibility of a nuclear Iran suggest that the combination of a more conciliatory front from Britain, France, and Germany, and a more confrontational stance from the United States may be effective in preventing a nuclear Iran without provoking major diplomatic or armed conflict.

Iran has been a mischief for a long time and it has been testing the limits ever since These actions underscore the weakness of the NPT in defining and handling non-compliance before a nation begins to make nuclear arms. Repercussion of such an attack would be an increased abhorrence of Israel and America by rival nations with the possibility of other nations retaliating in the favor of Iran and consequently, a nuclear catastrophe would be created.

After the case for war in Iraq instigated confrontation within the United Nations, European countries seem to have joined together in attempting to avoid a repeat of the Iraq showdown between European countries and the United States and Britain.

It is also feared that soon Iran would be able to produce longer range missiles that would have the range of almost six thousand kilometers. Submit the paper details, upload files, and provide contact information — you are almost done!

All this has caused a lot of concern for the United States and the US is thus taking many steps in order to stop Iran from building these weapons of mass destruction.

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Many countries, including the United States, have condemned Iran for this and have repeatedly asked for a nonproliferation of its nuclear capabilities.

Many researchers and analysis of the current situation in Iran has divulged that Iran is definitely capable of producing many nuclear warheads, although there is still a debate whether Iran has in fact been able to create such weapons. Experts underline that it is possible to produce highly enriched uranium in several months.

For example, peaceful attempts of Iran in their developments can be justified by a small research reactor in Tehran producing medical isotopes, driven by the Americans.

America has airfields in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan that can be used to instigate aero strikes in collaboration with its Fifth Fleet located in the Persian Gulf.

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Currently, different organizations from all over the world are inspecting attempts of Iran in its nuclear development. Political leaders have boasted of their financial ability and links in the proliferation of the weapons to other extremist nations for religious duties.

The countries of European Union joined the US and were prevented from cooperation with Iran at different levels. Ms Merkel said she would support "expanded and tougher sanctions" in the UN if Iran was shown - in reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency expected this month - to be continuing with its nuclear activities.

On the other hand, the Arab nations have been a target with their geographical immediacy to the Iran in its expansion project as it conquers the nations for Islamic rule. Although Iran did stop for a little while between andit started its nuclear program once again in It was in when Iran officially admitted on having a nuclear program that was aimed to finally produce nuclear weapons.

Israel and America have proposed the use of military action as a last resort on Iran for nuclear manufacture discontinuity with America posing a higher likelihood of implementing the threat than Israel. Eventually, direct negotiations between the United States and Iran led to the Agreed Framework, which stipulated that Iran would halt production of nuclear-weapons-grade material and remain party to the NPT.

The United States and European countries agree that a nuclear Iran, which would violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPTwould create more instability in a region that is already troubled. By the end ofIran had also revealed to the world that it was going to restart its plutonium production and would remove all IAEA personnel and inspectors from their land.

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The powers may need to draw a specific timetable of benchmarks for Iran to meet in order to eliminate its nuclear weapons capability. In the initial year, the UN debarred with the freezing of all financial resources given to the nation for the enhancement of its program yet the efforts were frustrated by Russia and China as they covered the financial gap created.

Four year later, lobby groups against Iranian nuclear endeavors disclosed two nuclear plants that had been treated as clandestine establishments. The nuclear capability of Iran is a big threat to US security since it would make the region of Middle East very unstable.

Iran may be the impetus for Europe and the United States to coalesce their respective foreign policy tactics into a multi-faceted policy toward states attempting to acquire nuclear capability Wang The concession technique had been earlier applied by the period by the Western nations, France, Germany and Great Britain as they presented economic incentives for the discontinuity of the covert operation.

The National Intelligence of America wonders if Iran has made attempts of nuclear weapon development.

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This goes on to show the mentality of the Iranians and why they are not willing to sign the NPT and give up their nuclear program. In an age of WMD, transparency is essential. Iran signed the NPT in but did not allow safeguards for another five years. Although inspections of the facilities did commence ina new problem arose that identified that Iran was in fact drawing up plans to build up nuclear weapons.

This suggestion alarms American nation to the greatest extent. Israeli militants claim that Iran makes numerous attempts of nuclear weapons development. But signs are that there is a basis for a comprehensive strategy, allowing for European unity, as the top three European powers conform to a tough new EU policy to stem the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

The first notable alarm was raised in the period by the Israel government following the ten-year accord instituted in by Iran and China with the latter providing a training facility that targeted Iranian nuclear specialists. There is an international ban on selling material and technology to Iran, as well as serious restrictions of Iranian dealings.US Policy and Iranian Nuclear Weapons essay writing service, custom US Policy and Iranian Nuclear Weapons papers, term papers, free US Policy and Iranian Nuclear Weapons samples, research papers, help.

Iran and Nuclear Weapons.

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Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Iran and Nuclear Weapons. Question One. Iran initiated its nuclear program in the early period of the s, being pioneered by the United States in alignment with the Atoms for Peace initiative that sought to enhance constructive application of atomic energy subsequent to the Cold War period.

Sample essay on Nuclear Weapons, India, Israel, and recently North Korea and Iran are interesting in acquiring or extending their nuclear arsenal. Iran’s nuclear pursuits Iran’s nuclear pursuits began in the s under Iran's Atomic Energy Organization. The nuclear plant began under the direction of the Shah of Iran, who announced the building 0f nuclear power plants in the country, in which case the plan as supported by the United States (Dorraj ).

Debate: Should Iran Have Nuclear Weapons Essay Eliminating Iran’s Nuclear Power It’s quite astonishing how the United States conducts itself throughout the world. Consistently through history, the United States has made a point to go in and fight wars not usually so well received by the rest of the world.

Essay on Nuclear Weapons. A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions, either fission .

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