Discover the diamond within you

He was quite passionate about helping young athlets. In human beings, carats are about the depth that we have; and it is represented by two Ps: Do you have a perspective and a plan of where you are headed towards?

Such people are also always full of positive energy. The winners are people who had it in them to walk that one extra mile to achieve their goals. Nurture these 9 Ps of a human diamond, and you will discover the diamond in you!

How well CUT is the diamond within you? Successful people have great personalities; they nurture it, they groom it and they practice it!

And finally, what defines the human diamond is whether the individual has patriotism inside or not. Just to state one, Sachin Tendulkar is the heart throb and inspiration for many many people. It is available aplenty.

Only winners have that in them. So clarity manifests the perspective about where and why the person is going, correct principles in life and a tremendous sense of patriotism — is what makes human diamond really dazzle.

With his passion he developed light shoes which enhances a performance of player a lot, and finally started his a shoe manufacturing company NIKE.

Diamond at Home

As they say, talent is table salt. Positive energy has two resources: Just that one degree increase has given water that potential and power. Anything worth doing is worth doing passionately.

If you want to bring out the diamond within you, you must inculcate a super personality and have high quality people skills. Loads of references of successful people are given.

Getting on to contents part of the book, Arindam talks about 9Ps, from Passion to Patriotism. And in successful human beings, colours are synonymous with two more Ps: Passion for the poor is what made Mother Teresa go on and on despite being from a foreign country and being stuck in a dirty city with unseen poverty all around.

So much so that when I look back today, ever since the start of The Sunday Indian, I have only — and only — written on economics and politics, and at times on sports and cinema, but never on management! The third quality of a good diamond is how well has it been cut!

Summary of Each chapter: Infosys is the most beautiful example of how great people make great organisations and how no one needs to be indispensable in a great organisation.

There are so many times that we have run so much in life to get something but drop the effort unable to bear the grind.

Discover the Diamond Within You

That is the strength of this book You have to do what you believe in and you have to be passionate about what you are doing! Friends of Sabeer Bhatia say that even when he was nothing, he would always dream big. These three Ps define a human being. The second great quality of a good diamond is its colour.Arindam Ch dh i’ Ai d Chaudhuri’s “ Discover the Diamond in You“ Discover by R ki b Ramki Running Take away “There is a high carat diamond within you There waiting to sparkle” “Ignite passion & Chase it passionately” “Do what you believe in “ Do “To be passionate about what.

Oct 29,  · If you want to bring out the diamond within you, you must inculcate a super personality and have high quality people skills. Successful people have great personalities; they nurture it, they groom it and they practice it! 'Discover The Diamond In You' is the name of Professor Arindam Chaudhuri's forthcoming book.

The above Author: Arindam Chaudhuri. A. Name of Book: Discover the Diamond in You B. Author: Arindam Chaudhari C. Background of Author: Professor Arindam Chaudhuri is an economist & management guru and also is an eminent author, an authoritative speaker & a transformational leader. He has been conferred upon with ‘Management Guru ’ award, ‘Personality of the Decade’ award, ‘Example [ ].

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Discover The Diamond in You: The 59 Minute Guide to Success [Arindam Chaudhuri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

"This one, which you are holding in your hands, I can assure you is a real diamond The 9Ps of success that Arindam so swiftly and lucidly narrates will help you overcome failures and achieve success - because we all need some guidelines when we are down.

DISCOVER THE DIAMOND IN YOU! If a diamond were to be the metaphor for us, then there are four things which make up a diamond The first being the diamond’s carats. You would’ve always heard questions like, “How many carat diamond is that?” That’s the most important quality of a diamond.

Discover the diamond within you
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