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The biggest challenge in the classification system is how to account for the wide variety and severity of disabilities. The Games were also webcast for the first time. Every individual must have the possibility of practising sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play Some candidates make the mistake of writing one paragraph for each point.

Always read through what you have written. Athletes are divided within each category according to their level of impairment, in a functional classification system which differs from sport to sport.

Save the time and energy for Continuous writing. In in Munich, 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by Palestinian terrorists, casting a pall over great performances by a number of athletes.

2008 Summer Olympics

In athletics, participants are broken down into a range of classes based on the disability they have and then they are placed in a classification within that range based on their level of impairment. The games are officially closed, and the Paralympic flame is extinguished. These categories apply to both Summer and Winter Paralympics.

The trip to the seaside was decided because the students say that the cost for the trip, which is about RM80 per person, is cheaper and it is affordable for every student.

Do not use spoken language. The Paralympics recognizes three different grades of visual impairment, consequently all competitors in goalball must wear a visor or "black out mask" so that athletes with less visual impairment will not have an advantage.

In conclusion, there directed writing article spm 2008 olympics many causes of failure about Olympiad Games in terms of inadequate ability growth and character development, not enough encouragement and inadequate physical education. Parents should put down certain house rules.

Ataxia — Ataxia is an impairment that consists of a lack of coordination of muscle movements e. Standard events in the Summer Games include basketball, boxing, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, track and field, and many other sports.

It is advisable to cross out the points you have used, so that no point is left out. A fleet of thousands of buses, minibuses, and official cars transported spectators, athletes, and officials between venues.

A team cannot have more than a certain maximum total of points on the field of play at the same time to ensure equal competition. A lower score indicates a more severe activity limitation than a higher score. While the charter is silent on discrimination specifically related to disability; given the language in the charter regarding discrimination it is reasonable to infer that discrimination on the basis of disability would be against the ideals of the Olympic Charter and the IOC.

You could have a competition where the girls take on the guys. For example, athletes running a race with a left prosthetic leg may have the disadvantage than those with a right side prosthesis because the races are run in an anticlockwise direction, giving some athletes an advantage. Pistorius had both his legs amputated below the knee and races with two carbon fibre blades manufactured by Ossur.

The Paralympic flag is taken down. In an effort to ensure success for the games, the government invested billions in building new infrastructure, although clearance to tiny, outdated neighborhoods in Beijing called hutongs resulted Petrun.

It was not until views on disabled athletics shifted from just a form of rehabilitation to an end in itself, that the classification system changed from medical diagnosis to a focus on the functional abilities of the athlete.

Nazi Germany, for example, hosted the Games in and used the event to propagandize its cause of Aryan racial superiority.

However, sportsmen and sportswomen attended at this Olympiad.

Olympic Games Writing Paper

Remember a crucial aspect of this paper is language and your ability to write can only be tested if you provide sufficient language for the examiner to gauge your linguistic ability.

Then, they decide which sports they want to do. The Guangdong Olympic Stadium was originally planned, constructed, and completed in to help host the Games, but a decision was made to construct a new stadium in Beijing.

NRK-sport were critical of parts of the TV production from Vancouver, and notified the EBU of issues such as the biathlon coverage excluding the shooting, and cross-country skiing with skiers in the distance, making it hard to follow the progress of the competition.

US Paralympians saw this as a disadvantage for the US Paralympic athletes, as nations such as Canada and Britain supported Paralympians and Olympians virtually equally.

General Guidelines for Directed Writing

Write sentences to elaborate on each point. Impaired muscle power — With impairments in this category, the force generated by muscles, such as the muscles of one limb, one side of the body or the lower half of the body is reduced, e.

Avoid using slang words such as guys, …. The proposed activities, which include swimming, boat riding, games on the beach, jungle trekking and campfires would help to create stronger ties between students.

All you have to do is use the given points and provide a sentence or two maybe three to elaborate on them. Within some of the sports are several events.

Paralympic Games

Besides that, the students feel that the idea of staying in camps is good, which will enable us to enjoy ourselves during our stay at the seaside for 3 days and 2 nights.Another disabled athlete to appear in the Olympics prior to the Paralympic Games was Lis Hartel, a Danish equestrian athlete who had contracted polio in and won a silver medal in the dressage event.

Gilbert, Keith; Schantz, Otto J. (). The Paralympic Games: Empowerment or Side Show?.

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Choose from three versions of this Winter Olympics sports frame, which captures all the excitement of the event. Can the kids spot their favourite winter. Directed Writing Template for Spm. Writing Lesson Plan (Form 5) Easy SPM Summary Writing Steps - Story Passage (SPM ) Hi kind folks! In SPM English Examination Paper, summary writing gives a total of 15 marks.

10 of the The article is about The History of The Olympics. The Summer Olympics emblem was known as Dancing Beijing. The ceremony was co-directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou and Chinese choreographer Zhang Jigang and featured a cast of over 15, performers.

Sep 15,  · General Guidelines for Directed Writing. Posted on September 15, | Leave a comment. The focus of the SPM paper, which is the English Language paper, is mainly on the reading and writing skills. Paper 1 tests candidates on their writing skills while Paper 2 deals, for the most part, with the reading skills.


Directed writing article spm 2008 olympics
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