Describe the concept of organizational socialization

The same is the case with human beings.


The state is an authoritarian agency. University of Chicago Press. This observed behavior cannot be contributed to any current form of socialization or social construction.

Behavior may not be influenced by society at all, but instead be determined biologically. Socialization is often predictable- Psychologists have observed that each phase has certain Socialization common traits and characteristics.

It is highly unlikely that any study can encompass all of the complexities or eliminate all of the difficulties involved, so that progress in determining the relationship between culture and performance is likely to require some sacrifice of precision and control to reach insights and possible understanding about even parts of the whole picture.

These pre-employment socialization steps can make a new hire feel at home in just hours. Management can also offer programs to enhance self-efficancy by emphasizing the ability of employees to use their existing tools and skills to solve problems and complete tasks.

Examples of this include: Employees and management ate together in a communal cafeteria; there were no reserved parking places; offices were open. Coupling the ambiguity associated with culture measurement to the multidimensional complexity associated with effectiveness measurement makes the research task difficult indeed.

Example of Organizational Socialization

The current state of knowledge, however, is sufficient to be able to specify likely pathways through which cultures affect individual and collective work performance and to identify levers that can be used by managers and others to enhance such performance. If their parents rub their own bellies and laugh, 1-year-olds may do likewise.

Cultural type reflects the extent to which certain cultural attributes or content dimensions dominate others in the organization.

organizational socialization

Individual socialization[ edit ] Collective socialization is the process of taking a group of new hires, and giving them the same training. Mead claimed that the self is not there at birth, rather, it is developed with social experience.

In most societies, managers of work organizations do not have unlimited control over their employees, who often find various ways to resist management control. Divestiture socialization is a process that organizations use to reject and remove the importance of personal characteristics a new hire has; this is meant to assimilate them with the values of the workplace.

But first we address what culture is, what it does for people, how it arises, and where it is found. With limited social experience, infants can only develop a sense of identity through imitation. Interviews with employees of the New York Port Authority revealed that they experienced such negative feelings as shame when their organization was subject to harsh criticism for its handling of the homeless Dutton and Dukerich, Socialization occurs in orderly manner and follows a certain sequence which, in general is the same for most children.

We tend to like the people who fill our social learning processes with positive motivation, loving care, and rewarding opportunities. It is made up of the contemporaries of the child, his associates in school, in playground and in street.

Some, like Dan Daniels at the Lockheed L plant, may have intuitively developed a culturally sensitive style of managing from their experiences. Thus the state also molds our behavior. Of course, cultures are neither monolithic nor simple, but rather have underlying dualities.

Ideally, studies of the effects of organizational culture on performance would develop theories and evidence that links specific aspects of culture to specific aspects of performance through specified intervening variables.

Of course, whether or not loyalty and commitment are positively associated with performance desired by the organization may depend on what values and norms the target cultural group holds regarding performance.

SOCIALIZATION- Concept, Types, and Agencies

In making their future life plans, however, they are influenced more by their parents than by their peers. The general theme of these books was that managers can shape the cultures of the organizations they manage in ways that enhance performance and productivity.

At the same time, culture is treated as a pervasive force, so that most actions and beliefs can be seen as having cultural as well as practical significance. Erikson — explained the challenges throughout the life course. More generally, although socialization is most important during childhood and adolescence, it, too, continues throughout the life span.

The individual compares groups in order to determine which one will fulfill their needs reconnaissancewhile the group estimates the value of the potential member recruitment. Formal socialization is witnessed in programs such as police academies, internships, and apprenticeships. Employees who are expected to work in the short-term often are less invested in maintaining harmony with peers.

More recent approaches, such as computer-based orientations and Internets, have been used by organizations to standardize training programs across branch locations.

Long term outcomes consist of organizational commitmentand job satisfaction.Describe the theories of Cooley, Mead, Freud, Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan, and Erikson. Because socialization is so important, scholars in various fields have tried to understand how and why it occurs, with different scholars looking at different aspects of the process.

() developed his famous concept of the looking-glass self to. Organizational socialization, often called employee onboarding, has become an essential process for cash-strapped small businesses that rely chiefly on a talented staff to grow profits. Whether. Read chapter 3 Organizational Culture: Total quality management (TQM), reengineering, the workplace of the twenty-first century--the s have brought.

Explain the concept of socialization and how useful is it in understanding human behavior? I will talk and describe the event and the sport that I have picked as well. I will be giving a description of my field observation over the event that I watched.


One of the most important things in Organizational Behaviour is to understand human. The aim of the present article is to show that applying the concept of organizational socialization to a crisis context offers researchers promising avenues of investigation of both organizational socialization and crisis management.

- 3 - THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK describe six socialization tactics (to be explained later in the analysis.


Socialization is important in the process of personality formation. While much of human personality is the result of our genes, the socialization process can mold it in particular directions by encouraging specific beliefs and attitudes as well as selectively providing experiences.

Describe the concept of organizational socialization
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