Daniel senior orifice fitting how it

Since Simplex fittings use one piece bodies, there is no spillage in liquid service, no rusted stud bolts, no nuts to remove, no flanges to spread apart and no line strain. Computer software and hardware are integrated with the measurement system. In addition, the use of corrosion resistant and other special materials makes this product suitable for sour gas service and other special applications.

Internal parts are trimmed in a variety of metals to suit most operating conditions A specially designed top closure seals off the fitting Page 3 5 Safety, simplicity and ease of operation Daniel senior orifice fitting how it Daniel Junior Orifice Fitting a popular choice for reliable measurement at large volume meter stations.

As fluid approaches the orifice plate pressure increases slightly and drops suddenly as the orifice is passed. A dedicated Project Manager and Project Team are assigned to each measurement system project.

Beginning in the year and continuing to the present time, plaintiff has spent large sums of money in developing the concept and basic design of its piston controlled check valve, in developing the specifications for a large assortment of said valves of various sizes and pressure ratings, and in preparing manufacturing drawings for said valves.

Orifice Fitting Repair Kits include a full complement of orifice fitting parts, allowing for a complete rebuild of the orifice fitting or replenishment of spare parts inventory.

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Daniel Senior Dual-Chamber Orifice Fitting

Dings Magnetic Separator Co. The only other parts are the gasket clamping bar and pipe plugs for taps and drain Under normal conditions Daniel Simplex Orifice Plate Holders require minimal or no maintenance at all This Simplex Orifice Plate Holder is designed in inch line sizes for high pressure measurement in applications such as production wells, injection systems and recycling operations.

Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting Manual

The Daniel logo is a registered trademark of Daniel Industries, Inc. Daniel engineers its products to produce the most precise measurement solutions in the industry. Daniel since ; that John Whalen was a resident of Los Angeles County and the other defendant was a corporation; that plaintiff for many years had been engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of products used in industry for the measurement and control of liquids and gases, and among other products had designed, manufactured and sold piston-controlled check valves and orifice fittings and plates.

Defendant did not acknowledge the dominance of a fundamental precept of honesty and fair dealing, enjoined by the Decalogue and supported by prevailing moral concepts. Daniel Orifice Flange Union Page 5 7 Daniel Meter Tubes are accurate and dependable instruments that adhere to the highest quality standards.

Corporon Mass.

Daniel Senior orifice fitting

Printed in the USA. On or about June 5,defendants commenced circulation of the catalogs prepared by defendant John Whalen while in the employ of plaintiff as aforesaid, and since that time have been circulating said catalogs and soliciting the business of companies engaged in the market heretofore served exclusively by plaintiff.

Catlin for Defendants and Appellants. Defendant John Whalen did not do any of the physical work connected with those activities set forth in Paragraphs 20, 21, 22, 23 and 25 between the hours of 8: Advanced machining equipment enables Daniel to meet the mos stringent tolerances and recommendations for flanges as specified in ANSI B No one could manufacture said valves without said drawings except with the expenditure of a great amount of time and money, if at all.

This is an appeal from a judgment which in effect enjoined the defendants from using or disclosing to [ Cal. Because of the limited and exclusive nature of the product every sale by the appellants necessarily cost the respondent a sale. Designed to allow operation by one person, this differential technology meter saves time and money in many ways.

The real questions involved in this case are whether a person who is employed to use his skill and ingenuity along certain well designated lines can conceal from his employer and appropriate to his own use the benefits of the work done by him while an employee within the well defined area of his employment, and further how far an officer of a corporation may go in creating a competing business.

Daniel Orifice Fitting Co. v. Whalen

If one is employed to devise or perfect an instrument, or a means for accomplishing a prescribed result, he cannot, after successfully accomplishing the work for which he was employed, plead title thereto as against his employer.

Said department included the creation of new products to be manufactured and sold by the company and the manufacture of the products the company was selling.

Orifice Fitting Parts & Kits

E, and numerous other professional organizations. Since its original development, the Senior Orifice Fitting product line has grown enormously to serve customers with applications for pipeline sizes from 2 inches to 48 inches, and pressure ratings up to 10, pounds per square inch.

They contain an orifice plate that restricts the flow of product through the pipeline.Porta-placa Daniel Senior: Explanation: Sug.

Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting - Operational Sequence of Removing an Orifice Plate Under Pressure

- The Daniel® Senior® Orifice Fitting provides a fast and extremely simple method of changing orifice plates under pressure without interrupting the flow. Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting - Operational Sequence of Removing an Orifice Plate Under Pressure.

Learn how to easily remove an orifice plate under pressure when operating a Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting. FPD Dual-chamber orifice fitting with double block and bleed Safety by design certain existing Dual Chamber and Daniel ® Senior Orifice Fittings to double block and bleed functionality.

Each package — orifice fitting. The Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting is an orifice plate holding device that houses, and accurately positions, an orifice plate within a pipe or tube to measure fluid flow.

It is just one component of. Repair kits for Daniel* Junior and Senior Orifice Fittings are also available, substituting Garlock gaskets for the standard body, valve seat and seal bar O-ring seals.

These parts can also be supplied on an individual basis. The Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting is composed of two independent chambers separated by a hardened stainless steel slide valve. The dual chamber design of the Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting allows for the inspection and/or the replacement of orifice plates under line pressure without flow interruption.

Daniel senior orifice fitting how it
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