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Firestone emphasized the importance of maintaining proper inflation pressure.

Timeline: Firestone Tire Case

Grimaldi, Stephen Power, and Robert L. This correlated with the circumstances surrounding tire separations overseas.

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Both companies ran into sales problems after the SUV tire debacle. October 4, —Firestone announced it would replace an additional 3. They finally determined that the problem tires originated in a Decatur, Illinois, plant during a specific period of production and that the bulk of tire separation incidents had occurred in Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida, all hot weather states.

Some experts said that months before the batch of articles hit the news in late July and early August, a period existed when Firestone, if not both companies, should have come forward voluntarily with information and thereby curbed the public relations crisis that engulfs it. It also faults lower inflation pressure and higher vehicle load limits recommended by Ford.

Rubber Tire Industry Post Firestone Fiasco

Archive[ edit ] For simplicity, I converted the 4 archives into one large archive, since they were all archived on the same day. I think Ford has done a nominally better job with public relations. They only have information on the type of vehicle, not the type of tire, involved in a fatality.

Ford, Firestone in a PR freefall

At the time, the agency had collected reports of 88 deaths and more than injuries in the case. June 23, —Sean Kane, a leading traffic safety consultant and a group of personal injury lawyers disclosed that in they had identified a pattern of failures of Firestone ATX tires on Ford Explorers but did not report the pattern to government safety regulators for four years.

A year earlier, Ford had noted problems with tread separation on Firestone tires mounted on Explorers in Venezuela and had sent samples of the failed tires to Bridgestone for analysis. Firestone said it continued to stand by the tires.

It is also a major retail service company, and many of its service customers did not distinguish between the two sides of the company, resulting in a decline in that business also.

Petrou, president and chief operating officer of Eisner Petrou and Associates Inc. The Times found "that fatal crashes involving Ford Explorers were almost three times as likely to be tire related as fatal crashes involving other sport utility vehicles.

But once the suspicions of flawed tires hit the media, there was no turning back.But the exact same questions could be asked about the Firestone tire fiasco, in which an outbreak of tread separation has so far led to 88 deaths and injuries from fatal accidents in Ford Explorers.

If Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. and Ford Motor Co.

had only stepped forward together, ordered a recall of tires sooner, been more forthcoming with consumers early on, the companies' current debacle. Bridgestone Essay WHO WE ARE & BRIDGESTONE Bridgestone is a well-established corporation in the business of selling varied tire and rubber products to markets all over the world.

In this marketing plan, we are focusing on mostly the tire part of the business, which accounts for the majority of Bridgestone’s sales revenues and. Ford and Firestone's Tire Recall: The Costliest Information Gap in History On August 9,Bridgestone/Firestone Inc.

announced it would recall more than million tires, most of which had been mounted as original equipment on Ford Motor Co. Explorers and other Ford light trucks. Firestone was acquired by Bridgestone USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Bridgestone Corporation, in for $ billion.

Today, the company markets 8, different types and sizes of tires, and a host of other products. Need a Brand New Custom Essay Now? Rubber Tire Industry Post Firestone Fiasco In five pages this paper considers the state of the rubber tire industry post Firestone fiasco.

Five sources are cited in the bibliography and there is also the inclusion of an abstract.

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Bridgestone fiasco essay
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