An overview of three emperorss league

There are also lists of Roman battles, emperors, Roman place names, and other topics.

Perseus Project Perseus Project is an impressive digital library for Greek and Classical resources from the Classics Department at Tufts University for primary and secondary source scholarly works that cover the history, literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world.

Historical Collections — Antiqua Medicina: A blank version of each map is usually available. Who Were the Romans? For Educators This PBS site offers a wide range of classroom activities, lesson plans, video clips, and interactive features that showcase some of the most intriguing and historically significant people, places, and events from first century Rome.

There are also links to related images. Secrets of Lost Empires: Unfortunately it is a static presentation with no multimedia nor hyperlinks to related resources.

Art and archaeology catalogs document a wide range of objects: There are maps, a timeline, an anthology of primary sources, a discussion forum, and a biblical quiz. It includes a series of articles, photographs, illustrations, maps, that explains who Roman Londoners were and what their lives were like.

Overall, this is an engaging entry into Ancient Rome for kids. Works are listed by author and you can browse the Greco-Roman Collection or use the search engine.

Go the Free Maps section for small-scale ancient geography reference maps for classroom and personal use. The Sourcebook also has pages designed specifically to help teacher and students: You can also find updates to the Barrington Atlas; free, downloadable maps for educational use; and articles about new discoveries.

The site is also searchable. Roman topics include the fall of the Roman empire; art and archaeology; key figures in ancient history; Latin and Greek languages; and philosophy and science. The last major update was in There is no option to zoom in on an image. Each is accompanied by a detailed description and both a thumbnail and large version of the images.

An excellent introductory site.

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Ancient/Biblical History » Rome

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The Rome section features complete text works of major Roman historians, as well as primary source texts concerning the founding and imperial expansion of Rome, Roman emperors, Roman provinces, education, wars, religion, and other topics.

An overview of three emperorss league
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