An analysis of the key deer in the florida keys

Now comes Irma, which has raked much of the Keys with its high winds, hard rain and damaging storm surges.

What happened to the tiny Key deer during Hurricane Irma? | Miami Herald

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Where to See Florida Keys Deer

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An analysis of the key deer in the florida keys

Due to proximity, most Key deer have lost their fear of humans. This often results in car-to-deer collisions, as the deer are more active and harder to avoid at night. The men face charges federal poaching charges. The refuge was established in to protect and preserve Key deer and other wildlife.

The buck was badly injured in the ordeal and wildlife officials euthanized him. Longevity records are 9 years for males and 7 years for females. Recent population estimates put the population between andputting it on the list of endangered species. Dan Clark superintendent of the National Key Deer Refuge, said his first priority as the massive storm approached was to evacuate National Wildlife Refuge personnel assigned to the area.

Key deer can tolerate small amounts of salt water, but fresh water is essential for their survival. Where to See Florida Keys Deer You might see Key deer grazing by the roadside-- or you might have to go on a hike to spot one.

The species feeds on over types of plants, but mangroves redwhiteand black and thatch palm berries make up the most important parts of their diets.

This, besides habitat loss, is the main reason why they have become endangered. History[ edit ] The Key deer is a subspecies of white-tailed deer which migrated to the Florida Keys from the mainland over a land bridge during the Wisconsin glaciation.Jul 02,  · Two South Florida men were jailed Sunday on Little Torch Key, apparently charged with “taking” a deer and several other counts.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Keys spokesman. Aug 01,  · National Key Deer Refuge While I have seen more deer in the past near sunset, I was pleasantly surprised today when we went through the Key Deer Refuge and saw a couple deer early in the afternoon.

Always worth the trip when in the Keys/5(). Figure Four major habitat types utilized by Key deer in the lower Florida Keys. 10 Figure Urban (residential) area on Big Pine with a large Key deer herd.'OCt: The landing in the Florida Keys of Hurricanes Georges (Category 2) in and Irene (Category 1) inin combination with an ongoing radiotelemetry stUdy of Florida Key deer (OdocoiJeus vi1ginanus dlJvium).

A key deer doe relaxes with her fawn on Big Pine Key in this undated photo. Federal officials are waiting to see what impact Hurricane Irma had on the endangered key deer population, which is only found in the Keys. The Trump administration might get away with ignoring the endangered status of the mole skink, but messing with those adorable Florida Key deer risks a furious public backlash.

An analysis of the key deer in the florida keys
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