Actus reus in recklessness and common assault law essay

The doctrine of criminal responsibility in case of drunkenness due to alcohol is equally applicable to mental or bodily conditions caused by the drinking of narcotics or non-alcoholic stimulants or exciting drugs or their hypodermic injection.

For example, where a man struck his wife, knocking her clown unconscious. Of importance also is the internet source. Capacity to know that he ought not to do the act or make the omission; and c. Where on a criminal charge, it appears that, at the time of the act or omission giving rise to offence alleged, the accused was laboring under a defect of reason owning to a disease of the mind so as not to know the nature a quality of his act, or if he knew this, so as not to know that what he was doing was wrong, he is not regarded in law as responsible for his act.

There are two types of intention with regard to prohibited consequences: The sociological theory of the autonomy of technology suggests that if neuroscientific techniques come to be seen as reliable for this purpose, other objections will soon be abandoned.

BAINBRIDGE 27, the appellant helped some thieves to purchase oxygen-cutting equipment when he knew that the equipment would be used by the thieves to break into a building and steal from there. As long as they exist, lawyers should get themselves attuned with the inherent technicalities in them.

To establish a claim of mental disorder the party raising the issue must show on a balance of probabilities. Under the Nigerian jurisprudence, one cannot be punished for an Actus reus in recklessness and common assault law essay or omission of such an act is not imbedded in any written law operational in Nigeria.

To help professors teach all six levels of learning optimally, this article provides a neuroscience and cognitive psychology perspective on how students learn.

If at the time of doing the act or making the omission he is in such a state of mental disease or natural mental infirmity as to deprive him of capacity to understand what he is doing, of capacity to control his actions or of capacity to know that he ought to do the act or make the omission; or 2.

The court must be satisfied on evidence as to the nature, quantity and quality of the drink or other causes of drunkenness resulting to intoxication.

Their classification includes felony, misdemeanor and simple offences.

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In terms of the subject matter of the long essay, the scope shall basically concern the concept of criminal responsibility and the defense of insanity in the Nigerian jurisdiction. This will be made use of due to the invaluable wealth of information available in the internet.

The insanity defense is based on evaluations by forensic mental health professionals with the appropriate test according to the jurisdiction. In order to succeed in the defense of insane delusions, the accused must produce evidence that at the time of his acting or omitting to act that he was suffering from delusions on some specific matter or matters, if the matter or matters of his false belief are true, they would have justified his act or omission.

The sort of situation contemplated is where, for instance a person is drinking beer and unknown to him another person parts some highly intoxicating spirit into the beer so making him intoxicated when he would not have been if he had drunk the beer alone.

Secondly, the idea of coincidence implies that there mental elements with respect to each aspect of the offence. The insanity defense comes in where an individual is unable to detect the wrongfulness or rightness of his action. This, thus, will create a dilemma as to which to concentrate more on.

Where a person supply tools, material or ammunition used for the commission of crime, such is seen in law as aiding and abetting crime, such a supplier is liable to conviction.

In particular, placing emphasis on the diseased brain may foster unintended harm by paradoxically increasing social distance towards the vulnerable group the term is intended to benefit. Significance of the Study The analysis and critical of the concepts in this long essay will go a long way to bring to the fore the fundamentality of the knowledge of the concept in our legal system.

Meaning of Crime Crime is a peculiar concept which is known all over the world and notorious in every legal system.

Criminal Responsibility and the Defense in the Nigerian Legal System

Under the English Jurisdiction, sanity is a rebuttable presumption and the burden of proof is on a balance of probabilities, insanity here covers a situation where the defendant does not know what he is physically doing.

Generally, all offences declared by written law to be punishable on summary conviction are regarded as non-indictable offences.

Arrest able offense is any offense for which the sentence is fixed by law or for which a person not previously convicted may under or by virtue of any enactment be sentenced for a term of five years or might be so sentenced but for the restrictions imposed by S. It is also important that our laws criminal code and penal code be reformed and made uniform in terms of provisions bothering on criminal responsibility and the insanity defense as this will bring about oneness and harmony between these laws, thereby avoiding the conflict of laws and also to help step up the standard of justice in our legal system.

Things would have been different if at the time the second occurred he was trying to place her in a comfortable position or take into the house and not dispose of her to evade liability.

There is further overlap between a crime and a tort under section of the criminal procedure law of Lagos State, which provides that where in a charge of stealing or receiving stolen property, the court is of the opinion that the evidence is insufficient to support the charge but that it establishes wrongful conversion or detention of property, the court may order that such property be restored, and may also award damages.

Also, it will cost much money to type and print the work. Also, liability can arise by failure to perform a duty imposed by law. I will not be guilty if the killing is a genuine accident.Nature of Crime. Crimes are actions governed by criminal law and criminal laws reflect the moral and ethical beliefs of the society.

This is to say that criminal wrongs and moral wrongs are related yet distinct in their similarity For example, murder is not only forbidden by the criminal law but also by the moral law. Law and Neuroscience Bibliography Browse and search the bibliography online (see search box below) Click here to learn more about the Law and Neuroscience Bibliography.

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Actus reus in recklessness and common assault law essay
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